Christmas Trees With Roots

It is usually only possible to extract smaller trees with their roots so 'pot grown trees are an option


How to dig with roots

The smaller roots break off and no soil comes with the larger root system. Often bare rooted trees don’t survive, due to the loss of roots when they were dug up, but they’re worth a go. Put them in a container of garden soil and keep them watered.

Potted grown trees

Make sure ones in containers were grown in them, not grown in the ground then shoved into a container at the last minute. Container grown trees stand a much better chance of survival. Both types should be kept in a shady, sheltered place outdoors until you need them, then treat them as you would a cut Christmas tree. After Christmas, assuming your tree is still alive, you can leave it outside in its pot in a sheltered spot ready to use next year.

Caring for Christmas trees with roots

  • Make sure your rooted Christmas tree is freshly harvested.
  • Soak the roots in water before potting the tree in moist earth.
  • When moving the tree indoors, place it away from direct heat — this will help to prolong its lifespan.
  • Keep the earth moist.
  • There is a small chance that a rooted tree will survive if planted out after Christmas. To increase the chances of success the tree should be kept well watered.

Christmas tree care advice

Bosworth Water Park Christmas Tree Farm is a member of the British Christmas Tree Growers’ Association. We aim to supply the customer with the perfect centre-piece for their Christmas celebrations.

All our Christmas Trees are grown in accordance with the BCTGA environmental Code of Practice and are guaranteed fresh.

Providing that appropriate care is taken, trees should survive for four weeks or longer. To guarantee your complete satisfaction, we recommend that trees should not be purchased earlier than December 1st.

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