How to slow needle shedding

The best way to ensure satisfaction is to care for the tree as you would care for any plant being brought into a warm, dry atmosphere

Needle shedding is natural

Needle shedding is a natural part of the life-cycle of any conifer. Some tree varieties tend to shed more quickly than others and shedding will accelerate if the tree is allowed to dry out.


How do you stop it dropping its needles

As soon as you get the tree home, plunge it into a bucket of water. If the tree has sealed up its base since it was originally cut, removing the bottom will remove this seal and enable it to take up water again. You can also score the cut surface to increase water absorption. Put it in a sheltered, shady spot outside so it can have a good drink before coming indoors.


Once inside keep it watered

Put your tree in a container which will hold water and keep the water topped up – check it at least every other day, daily if it’s in a warm room. Never let it dry out at the base, or it may seal over the cut and stop taking up any further water.


Keep away from heat sources

Turn off any radiators near the tree to keep it as cool as possible, and don’t put it near any other heat sources (such as fires). Stand the tree in the coolest part of the room, ideally next to a window and away from radiators and fires and top it up with water daily.


Keep on watering!

Adding aspirin to the water or using distilled water are said to help prevent needle drop, however if you have pets be careful if trying aspirin in the water in case your pets drink from it.

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