Family Day

Picking Your Real Christmas Tree


We are now open for you to choose and tag your perfect Tree


A family occasion picking your real Christmas Tree

We pride ourselves on supplying fresh Christmas trees. You can choose your tree while it is still in the ground. You can even dig or cut it yourself ! There's nothing like arriving at the farm and choosing a real, freshly cut Christmas tree or if you prefer a growing tree still in its container.  You can pick just the right tree, that's for sure!

It's the start of Christmas when you collect your tree!

So make a day of it and start your Christmas celebrations with a family day out. Once tagged, you can return at a later date and dig or cut your tree and take it home or we'll prepare it for you.

Let us make it special experience!

Whether you want to pick a live Christmas tree and have it cut for you, buy a Christmas tree already cut or buy a living tree in a pot.


Taking your tree home

To look after your tree and your car we suggest you bring an old blanket or bedsheet to lay down in the boot to collect any needles that fall during transit.  If the tree will ride on the roof, place a sheet of plastic or an old blanket over the roof of your car to protect the paint and finish.  Either way, it will make clean-up fast and easy!

If you are unable to transport your tree, our helpful staff will be happy to arrange a local delivery for you.


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