Wholesale Christmas Trees

Friezeland Christmas Tree Farm has been supplying home-grown trees directly to trade customers and garden centres since 1985


Top-quality trees at competitive prices

By dealing directly with the grower you are assured of top-quality trees at very competitive prices.

We have more than 300,000 trees growing on our plantation — offering enough to fulfil any requirements you may have.

We have over 30 years retail experience and can provide the help to grow your sales and develop a working relationship.

With over 20,000 home grown trees sold annually, the Spruce, Nordmann, Fraser Fir and more are all readily available direct from our plantation so the freshest trees are always assured.

Your welcome to visit our 100 Acres plantation      which is based in the heart of the Midlands.

With over 30,000 Pot grown trees planted annually, we are becoming one of main supliers of pot grown trees in the U.K.

Timing is critical

We understand Christmas trees have a very short sales window and so timing is critical. So we are always on hand to help and can also arrange delivery times to suit both you and your customers.

If you need stands, netting, decorations or other equipment, we supply these too, all at very competitive prices.

No order is too small, and we are flexible on delivery times. 








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