container grown trees, 

stunning to look at, easy to care for, use again next year

All of our trees are also availabe as container grown

Over the last 6 years we have rapidly expanded our container grown business, we are now one of the UK’s largest independent growers of container grown trees.

Did you know your genuinely buying from the best, we won the best container grown tree at the tree of the year award, not to mention all our other awards!

Be it a Norway Spruce, Fraser Fir or the ever popular Nordman Fir all our trees are available as container grown.

A container grown tree has lived all it’s life in the pot, all its roots have formed in a ball inside the pot and lifting it from the ground won’t be a huge shock as the tree is bringing its home along with it.

Ready to put inside or outside, maybe even on a table it a tree ready to display with no further work required.

When your finished for the year you can re-plant in the garden or even move to a bigger pot ready for next year.

Care is still needed as follows,

  1. Keep away from heat, be it a fire or radiator heat will have the tree bare in days, if it must go near a radiator please make sure it’s turned off.


  1. Water, but don’t over do it, keep the soil moist but not soaking.

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