Christmas Tree Tips & Festive Facts

Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree, which is why so many people choose them to celebrate the festive season.

Why buy real Christmas Tree?

Did you know real trees use about ten times fewer materials and five times less energy than artificial trees - and they smell of Christmas!  By dealing directly with the grower you are assured of high-quality 'farm fresh' Christmas trees at very competitive prices. Plus, because all come from our plantation, they are a sustainable source which means you won’t be harming the world’s forests.

6 Million Christmas Trees Sold Each Year

10 Nov 14 - Around 6 million real Christamas trees are sold in Britain each year


Why do we put up Christmas Trees?

10 Nov 14 - The custom of putting up a decorated fir tree in your home at Christmas began in Germany in the 17th century.


Traditional Colours of Christmas

10 Nov 14 - Which colours are traditionally associated with Christmas and why?


Bosworth Water Park Christmas Tree Farm Guide to Christmas Trees

10 Nov 14 - Ten tips to help find the perfect Christmas tree for your home including where to put it and which species to choose.


Great Moments in Christmas Tree History

10 Nov 14 - Fun Christmas Tree Facts and Trivia


US Presidential Christmas Trees Facts

10 Nov 14 - Presidential Christmas Trees Trivia!

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